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Teresa Beyer

Mountain View, CA


In ‘96’ Teresa studied commercial art and design in Los Angeles, California where she found a gift and love for painting. Later moving to Ventura, CA Teresa pursued a successful career in desktop publishing and provided freelance graphic art services to Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre Company and the Channel Islands Ballet. While all the time a voice in her head kept saying “Why don’t you go draw or paint something?” And so she did. That was in 1998.

Inspired by the beautiful coastal community and from deep seated emotions and her inner voice, Ms Beyer began studying art and fell in love with watercolor, where a devotion and concentration for this liquid color was solidified.

While living in Ventura Teresa entered several juried shows and won several awards for her work. Her work can be found in several public and private collections, including a collection of commissioned paintings permanently displayed at the Pierpont Inn. She was also the representing artist for the Historical Committee and sold prints and cards of her work at the Buenaventura Museum in Ventura, CA. She was an active member and recording secretary for the Buenaventura Art Association, and Renee Meyer, owner and curator of Accolades Gallery, invited Teresa to join her stable of artists. She also found representation at Villa Tosca for the quarterly Ventura Art Walk as well as solo shows at Frankie and Johnny’s and the Rubicon Theatre.

Moving to Prescott AZ in July of 2005, Teresa soon became involved in the art community showing work at the Prescott Fine Art Association, Mountain Artist Guild, solo exhibits at The Dinner Bell, Ah Belissima, the Sacred Bean and the Center for Spiritual Living. Teresa also had representation at Magdalena’s Bazaar in Jerome, Arizona. She placed second in a Yavapai College Student Show where she was studying Graphic Design. Her 3/D work was featured on Good Morning Arizona and in local publications. Her work continued to be accepted at juried competitions and was the plein aire coordinator for the South Western Art Association.

In December of 2009 Ms Beyer began her “Painting a Day” concept and took great pleasure in the flexibility gained by painting small and often.

During the fall of September of 2011 Ms Beyer moved to San Antonio, TX where she quickly found representation at the Madhatter Café and participated in several First Friday Art walks and the La Villiate Art Show and Festival a famous art destination at the River Walk in San Antonio. She also exhibited at the Center for Spiritual Living. While living in San Antonio TX. Teresa studied oil at Southwest School of Art.

Ms Beyer moved again in the winter of December of 2013 to Mountain View in the heart of the Silicon Valley. She has wasted no time in becoming an active member of the art society, entering several juried shows and placing second in a California Strawberry Festival. She also has memberships with the Los Altos Art Club, Society of Western Artists and the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society, where she is both Exhibits Chair and lead photographer. Her work has been displayed at the Pacific Art League, the Original Pancake house, the Triton Community Gallery, Los Altos Library, The Bean Scene and is currently on display at The Saratoga Library, and the Los Altos Hills Town Hall, in addition to her solo show at the Los Gatos Hills Presentation Center through September 30, 2015. She will also be giving a demo this September 14th at the Los Altos Art Club on how she creates her (in)famous 3/D pieces.

Teresa is owner of Liquid Color Fine Art, and feels she has finally come home to a place that is rich with inspiration and is looking forward to establishing herself in the art community as well as gaining local and national recognition.

Recently her inner voice is calling her to do portraits, in the traditional sense but also in what a person is experiencing, and translating their emotions onto the canvas while experimenting in a still-life type of portrait incorporating meaningful icons that represent them. This is what she is inspired to do today, not only in watercolor but using mixed media.

Teresa is always keeping the brushes wet continuing to explore new mediums, while most of her work is done in watercolor.

Ms Beyer’s work can be found at TeresaBeyer.com

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Truck Rusted by Teresa Beyer


Call of the Wild by Teresa Beyer


Satao by Teresa Beyer


Toward the Light by Teresa Beyer


Dancer's by Teresa Beyer


Aligned by Teresa Beyer


The Joker by Teresa Beyer


Tidal Wave by Teresa Beyer


Stuck in the Middle by Teresa Beyer


Litha by Teresa Beyer


Koi II by Teresa Beyer


Koi I by Teresa Beyer


#7 Gaia by Teresa Beyer


#5 The Joker by Teresa Beyer


#4 Mask Removed by Teresa Beyer


#3 Witchy Woman by Teresa Beyer


#2 Warrior Queen by Teresa Beyer


The Dr. by Teresa Beyer


Taking Flight by Teresa Beyer


Abstract Floral by Teresa Beyer


Coconut Tree by Teresa Beyer


Kauai Sunrise by Teresa Beyer


Yellow Lily by Teresa Beyer


Meteora by Teresa Beyer


The Struggle by Teresa Beyer


Cactus Flower by Teresa Beyer


Woman Unleashed by Teresa Beyer


Santorini Cloudy Day by Teresa Beyer


Poison and Wine by Teresa Beyer


Woman Unleashed by Teresa Beyer


Emerging Frenzy by Teresa Beyer


Mask II by Teresa Beyer


Fear by Teresa Beyer


Vendetta by Teresa Beyer


Indian Woman at Market III by Teresa Beyer


Mask I by Teresa Beyer


A Rose by Teresa Beyer


The Crones Blessing by Teresa Beyer


The Crone by Teresa Beyer


Two Palms by Teresa Beyer


Bubbling Springs Park by Teresa Beyer


Dog in the Window by Teresa Beyer


Boy with Kitten by Teresa Beyer


Casa de Teresita by Teresa Beyer


Walking the road by Teresa Beyer


White Flower Companion by Teresa Beyer


Blooming where planted by Teresa Beyer


Me and Simba by Teresa Beyer